This 61-year-old woman is beaten with a pot before her walker is stolen

This 61-year-old woman is beaten with a pot before her walker is stolen

A  61-year-old woman was brutally assaulted earlier this week, and, now, the New York City Police Department is searching for the several suspects involved. 

The victim was apparently thrown against a railing before she was beaten with a kitchen pan by a second suspect on Tuesday night. A surveillance video of the incident shows a third suspect kicking the woman while she is on the ground. 

The group then took her across the street, punched her in the back, and stole cash and credit cards. They even took her walker, authorities said. 

This incident reflects increasing crime across the city. For instance, data shows a 32% uptick in grand larceny, and a 16% increase in robbery, when compared to this time last year.

What else do we know about the incident at this time? 

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