How Biden earns the title “elderly man struggling to maintain his faculties”

How Biden earns the title

President Joe Biden gave a pretty cringeworthy performance at the CNN presidential town hall earlier this week.  In addition to advocating for vaccines, gun control, and his spending agenda, he also seemed to drive another point home: that he is the last person who should be at the helm of this country. 

His answers were downright disastrous in some cases. For instance, he was asked about when the vaccine would be widely available for young children.

This was his incoherent response: “And the question is whether or not we should be in a position where you are — why can’t the experts say we know that this virus is, in fact — is, is, is going to be — or, excuse me — we, we, we know why all the drugs approved are not temporarily approved, but permanently approved.” 

It really doesn’t make much sense, right? 

Biden’s gaffes are becoming more and more troubling, leading one pundit to describe him as “an elderly man struggling to maintain his faculties.”

I cannot help but agree. 

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Author: Fredrick Frost

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