Why Luke Combs is paying the funeral costs of these three men

Why Luke Combs is paying the funeral costs of these three men

Last weekend, three young men at a country music festival died after inhaling apparent carbon monoxide fumes, authorities say.

Now, one of the Faster Horses Festival headliners, Luke Combs, has footed the bill for the trio’s funeral costs. He offered no other comment on the tragedy. 

Apparently, a portable (and possibly leaking) generator was situated too close to the trailer that carried 20-year-old Dawson Brown, 19-year-old Kole Sova, and 20-year-old Richie Mays Jr. 

“It’s just a freak accident,” said Sova’s father. “For all those decisions to line up to get to this tragedy it just boggles your mind – of the thousands of generators and campers, they were the ones that it hit.”

Officials with the festival itself posted their condolences on Twitter: “All of us in the Faster Horses Festival Family are deeply saddened by the tragic losses this weekend as confirmed by the Lenawee County Sheriff’s Department. Our hearts are broken for the family, friends, and loved ones.” 

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