Why this top executive believes work flexibility is “here to stay”

Why this top executive believes work flexibility is

According to a top executive who sits on the board of three major companies, work flexibility is not going anywhere anytime soon. That’s largely because officials want to see how the delta virus variant plays out as it takes hold in this country. 

“Companies are watching the data very carefully,” said Shellye Archambeau, who is a director at Verizon, Nordstrom, and Roper Technologies. “What I’m seeing is they’re trying to remain flexible, creating the optionality for employees to come back to work but still watching the numbers and how the rates are going.” 

Executives are also grappling with how to handle their unvaccinated employees. Archambeau says that peer pressure could ultimately force some workers to get the jab. 

“I think as time goes through, companies are absolutely strongly encouraging employees to be vaccinated. The way in which they’ll be able to work, the kinds of roles they’ll be able to play, I think, in time will be affected by whether they’re vaccinated or not.  … People will want to be vaccinated in order to actually do well within the company.”

How are companies navigating these challenges and uncertainties so far?

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