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Sunday is the only day of the week that I don’t set an alarm clock.


But somehow, I still manage to wake up before the crack of dawn. No alarm clock needed.


So, when I came across this article on life before alarm clocks, I was curious.


What did we do differently?


And did anyone else do it better without alarms?


And you’ve got to look way back, because by the time Plato was around, he was re-inventing the alarm clock.


Not making it from scratch.


Turns out, we used to outsource it.


The job title was officially “knocker uppers.”


It didn’t fall out of fashion until the 1970’s.


That’s one I don’t predict making it back into the Gig Economy.


Do you know of any other ancient alarm alternatives? If so, share them with me – I’d love to hear them and maybe share them with the rest of you guys.


Dig deeper here.


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