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Let’s take a look…


 Okay – it doesn’t matter which side of the political aisle you hail from, this is just funny.


If you’ve never seen a Bad Lip Reading production, you’ve been missing out.


They’ve offered their take on all sorts of things ranging from politics to The Walking Dead.


According to Thrillist, “The creators lip-read what’s being said, poorly, and re-dub the whole thing into a confusing olio of hilarious and nonsensical absurdity.”


It’s actually easier if you just see for yourself…

And if ever a State of the Union deserved one, this one did.


Pelosi’s lines are hilarious.


Kudos to the production team for putting this gem together.


Hopefully, it takes a little stress out of what’s been one hell of a week for the trading community…


Dig deeper here.


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