Rethinking Your Summer Vacation?


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First the economy… now your vacation?


As the spreading coronavirus epidemic crawls across the globe, many travel plans are up in the air.


Others are totally grounded.


Obviously, plans to travel to China, South Korea, Italy or Japan need to be rethought.


There flight cancellations and travel bans to consider.


Plus catching coronavirus…


And don’t forget the ever-growing cost of travel insurance.


The new rates are pretty pricey…


Image Source: USA Today

But you may not fare much better here in the States, once summer actually rolls around.


Right now, there are 99 confirmed cases in the US, with a heavy concentration in Washington State.


There have been 6 deaths.


And 7 others are in serious condition.


If you’re second-guessing your family vacation, this guide can help.


And if you do decide to cancel those plans, all hope isn’t lost.


With a little creativity and a lot of Google searching, you can still come up with some great “staycation” ideas right in your own backyard.


Dig deeper here.


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