What does it cost to fly to space right now on Virgin Galactic?

If taking a ride on a suborbital spaceplane happens to rank pretty high on your bucket list, then you’re in luck. That’s because Virgin Galactic is selling tickets once more to wannabe astronauts. 

The latest price has jumped some since seats were last up for grabs. Potential passengers can also purchase multiple spots. The wealthiest could ultimately buy out the entire capsule. 

The news comes a matter of weeks after Richard Branson, the company’s founder, went on his own journey toward space. 

Commercial flights are slated to start in earnest in 2022 after a redesign of the plane. 

Apparently, Virgin Galactic’s “Spacefarer Community” will be among the first who are given the opportunity to snag seats.

Just how much would one cost you anyway?

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How a beer robbery turned into a deadly shooting in Texas

A gas station employee opened fire on people who were attempting to steal beer, and now the 23-year-old is facing murder charges, authorities say.

The shooting occurred earlier this week, in a Texas 7-Eleven. Delon Johnson apparently asked the two thieves to return the alcohol they were taking, but he was ignored. The two men involved walked into the parking lot and attempted to get into their car when Johnson started shooting at them.

“We are saddened by the incident that occurred on Wednesday night,” officials from 7-Eleven said. “We are working with local law enforcement to provide any information helpful to their investigation.” 

What ended up happening to the thieves after the violence? 

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Are more lockdowns coming soon to a city near you?

Many of us are deeply concerned about the possibility of yet another national lockdown, something that President Joe Biden had previously promised us we’d never have to deal with again. That said, the man and his administration flip-flops about everything, so why would this be any different?

The repercussions of going back on their word, this time, would be very dangerous, especially for small business owners who are trying to prepare for the worst possible outcome.

My friend John Denton, who writes for The Local Conservative decided to address the issue recently in an interview with Tim Melvin, who is one of the nation’s top financial experts. 

What did Melvin have to say about the possibility of yet another lockdown?

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Donald Trump has some strong words for the embattled governor of New York

Last night, the former president slammed scandal-magnet Governor Andrew Cuomo during a fundraiser for the Republican Party in New York. 

“Cuomo’s got real problems,” Donald Trump said to a crowd of about 500 people. “It’s going to be a hot couple of weeks in Albany. [Senate Republican Minority Leader Robert] Ortt is going to have a great time. Cuomo has found himself in an interesting situation.”

Trump’s commentary comes after state Attorney General Letitia James found (in a 165-page report) that Cuomo had sexually harassed a slew of women and created a toxic work environment. The revelation prompted even Cuomo’s longtime friend, President Joe Biden, to call for his resignation. 

“We’re going to have a Republican governor,” Trump said at the event, which garnered $1 million. 

What else did he say at the event?

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What happens when a man protests the virus rules by scaling a hotel?

This Las Vegas man was so fed up with the coronavirus rules that he climbed a 600-foot hotel this week in protest of them. 

Maison Des Champs blames the lockdowns for his new mental health problems.

“These new mandates are a threat to our freedoms and a threat to our civil liberties,” he said in an Instagram video he made while he was climbing. Yes, you read that right: while he was climbing.

“Fifteen days have slowly turned into 400-something, and now is the time to draw the line.”

His stunt was also meant to spread awareness about a protest he is hosting in just over a week at the Planet Hollywood Casino.

But as he scaled the Aria hotel’s more than 60 floors, he attracted the attention of police, who arrested him at the top of the building. 

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How a high school janitor admits to planning a mass shooting

A former high school janitor apparently had been planning to execute a mass shooting at the institution he’d previously worked at, and police had no idea until the 24-year-old turned himself in last month.

Khristopher Clay is in an Oregon jail right now with a $2 million bail after his court hearing yesterday. He was arrested Wednesday after staying in a hospital’s mental health unit for some time. 

After his confession, police obtained “journals, if you will, or manifestos,” along with ammunitions and weapons.

“The high school was at least one of the targets,” said Medford Police Department’s Mike Budreau. “There were others.”

He continued: “Why he turned himself in is the million dollar question. I believe that he did a lot of planning and a lot of sinister thoughts, but he had that moment where he wanted to help. Thank goodness that happened. Had he not turned himself in, I don’t think we would have figured this one out before it happened.” 

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Why landlords are taking the Biden administration to court right now

A group of landlords and real estate companies believe that the newest eviction moratorium spells trouble for “mom-and-pop” housing providers, which make up about half of the industry’s operators. 

So the Alabama and Georgia Association of Realtors is taking the Biden administration to court in an effort to curb the eviction pause, which now lasts through October 3

The group filed their lawsuit late yesterday, claiming that the CDC has overstepped their power once again.

If the housing professionals are successful, about 3.6 million Americans could be kicked out of their homes. If they aren’t, those small operators face their own bevy of financial hardships. 

“Without rental income, they cannot pay their own bills or maintain their properties,” officials said. 

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This family found 450,000 bees living in their new Pennsylvania home

What would you do if you discovered that almost half a million bees were living in the walls of your new home?

When Sara Weaver and her husband purchased their dream 1872 Pennsylvania farmhouse they glossed right over the seller’s disclosure, ignoring an important note that should have bugged them. 

“It said ‘bees in wall’ and that was it and I think because one, we didn’t see them and two, we were just so floored that we actually found land in the (school) district that was within our price range that I didn’t really ask any questions about those bees. I didn’t think it would be that big of an issue,” Weaver said

Turns out, it was.

There were three colonies that had been occupying the couple’s dream home for almost 40 years. They had to call in a local contractor and beekeeper, Allan Lattanzi, also known as “The Bee Man,” to get the job done. 

His removal cost them $12,000 and cost him a couple stings.

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What does Bill Gates say about his recent divorce in this big interview?

Microsoft founder Bill Gates recently opened up about his divorce, as well as his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein in an interview with Anderson Cooper. 

He described his split with Melinda French Gates as “a very sad milestone” that brought him “personal sadness,” and he described his relationship with the late pedophile Epstein as a “mistake.” 

“I had several dinners with him hoping that what he had said about getting billions of philanthropy for global health through contacts he had might emerge,” he said. “When it looked like that wasn’t a real thing that relationship ended. It was a huge mistake to spend time with him, to give him the credibility.” 

What else did Gates have to say about his marriage, and some of the accusations he faced as it ended?

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How a spider infestation led this woman to discover a dead body next door

A Los Angeles woman had been living next door to a dead, decomposing body for weeks before she understood what was going on. A spider infestation in her 250-square-foot Los Angeles apartment helped clue her into the situation, she says in a TikTok video. Of course, the smell was also a hint that something was horribly wrong.

“It was around the middle of May and I started to call my mom and tell her that I wasn’t really feeling like myself. What I meant by that was that I was having headaches, I wasn’t really sleeping through the night, I was feeling nauseous a lot,” said Reagan Baylee. “And honestly, we all kind of wrote it off as me just feeling a little lonely and going a little crazy during quarantine, just like everyone else was.” 

Because of lockdown restrictions, it took a while before Baylee could get someone to come out to investigate the situation.

But when they did, “things went from zero to a hundred really fast.” 

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