What does it cost to fly to space right now on Virgin Galactic?

What does it cost to fly to space right now on Virgin Galactic?

If taking a ride on a suborbital spaceplane happens to rank pretty high on your bucket list, then you’re in luck. That’s because Virgin Galactic is selling tickets once more to wannabe astronauts. 

The latest price has jumped some since seats were last up for grabs. Potential passengers can also purchase multiple spots. The wealthiest could ultimately buy out the entire capsule. 

The news comes a matter of weeks after Richard Branson, the company’s founder, went on his own journey toward space. 

Commercial flights are slated to start in earnest in 2022 after a redesign of the plane. 

Apparently, Virgin Galactic’s “Spacefarer Community” will be among the first who are given the opportunity to snag seats.

Just how much would one cost you anyway?

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