Kids at summer camp found a dead man who may have committed suicide

Kids at summer camp found a dead man who may have committed suicide

Parents who sent their kids to sports camp in the Berkshires were in for a surprising email from directors this week. 

Campers were gathering wood on Thursday afternoon for the much-anticipated, end-of-summer event known as “rope burn,” where participants compete to see who can make the best fire. 

That’s when they stumbled upon a dead body in the woods.

A police spokesman said the man appeared to be 35 years old, and they suspected that he died by suicide, but an investigation has not yet been closed.

“A counselor and three of our oldest campers were in the woods at the border of camp and private property collecting wood for a big event,” the directors said in their email. They said the campers all appeared to be “emotionally stable.” 

What happened next?

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