How a high school janitor admits to planning a mass shooting

How a high school janitor admits to planning a mass shooting

A former high school janitor apparently had been planning to execute a mass shooting at the institution he’d previously worked at, and police had no idea until the 24-year-old turned himself in last month.

Khristopher Clay is in an Oregon jail right now with a $2 million bail after his court hearing yesterday. He was arrested Wednesday after staying in a hospital’s mental health unit for some time. 

After his confession, police obtained “journals, if you will, or manifestos,” along with ammunitions and weapons.

“The high school was at least one of the targets,” said Medford Police Department’s Mike Budreau. “There were others.”

He continued: “Why he turned himself in is the million dollar question. I believe that he did a lot of planning and a lot of sinister thoughts, but he had that moment where he wanted to help. Thank goodness that happened. Had he not turned himself in, I don’t think we would have figured this one out before it happened.” 

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