Donald Trump has some strong words for the embattled governor of New York

Donald Trump has some strong words for the embattled governor of New York

Last night, the former president slammed scandal-magnet Governor Andrew Cuomo during a fundraiser for the Republican Party in New York. 

“Cuomo’s got real problems,” Donald Trump said to a crowd of about 500 people. “It’s going to be a hot couple of weeks in Albany. [Senate Republican Minority Leader Robert] Ortt is going to have a great time. Cuomo has found himself in an interesting situation.”

Trump’s commentary comes after state Attorney General Letitia James found (in a 165-page report) that Cuomo had sexually harassed a slew of women and created a toxic work environment. The revelation prompted even Cuomo’s longtime friend, President Joe Biden, to call for his resignation. 

“We’re going to have a Republican governor,” Trump said at the event, which garnered $1 million. 

What else did he say at the event?

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