And NBC News totally cut away from Biden as he took questions

And NBC News totally cut away from Biden as he took questions

Not only did Biden dig his heels in yesterday regarding his response to the U.S. withdrawal and Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, but the media appeared to make every effort to protect him from poor coverage. 

Not that any of our readers would have been tuned into NBC News, but if you had, you would have noticed that the presser was cut off just as Biden began taking reporter questions. 

If you’d been watching the NBC News Special Report, you would have heard an AP journalist ask, “Mr. President: we’re nine days away from the August 31 deadline. Will you extend that deadline, or what is your thought process on extending the evacuation operation?”

But you wouldn’t have heard Biden’s answer. 

Because they cut away from the conference, further fueling the belief that 63% of Americans now hold… that the liberal corporate media does whatever it can to paint the president in a favorable light. 

And even his own press secretary wants him to avoid taking journalist questions. 

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