How Biden is defending his botched Afghanistan evacuation right now

How Biden is defending his botched Afghanistan evacuation right now

If you are disgusted with President Joe Biden’s handling of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, you’re in the vast majority. According to a new poll that came out yesterday, a mere quarter of the U.S. population actually supports his approach to the situation in the country, now under Taliban rule. 

And in a presser he gave yesterday morning, Biden continued to defend the way he went about removing American troops: “My job is to make judgments, to make judgments no one else can or will make. I made them; I’m convinced I’m absolutely correct in not deciding to send more young women and men to war for a war that is not warranted.”

Over the last week or so, Biden said the U.S. has managed to evacuate upward of 25,000 people from the country. 

He mentioned that he may push back his deadline to achieve a complete withdrawal, but a spokesman for the Taliban apparently said the date was “a red line.”

And Biden didn’t mention how his administration plans to help Americans reach the airport in the first place. Apparently, the airport is also vulnerable to an attack by Islamic State, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said. 

What else do we know about the distressing situation right now?

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