Disgusting Andrew Cuomo reaches new low, leaving his dog behind at the Albany mansion

Disgusting Andrew Cuomo reaches new low, leaving his dog behind at the Albany mansion

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wanted to sneak in one last scandal before his resignation took effect at midnight. In this latest display of despicable behavior, he actually abandoned his dog, Captain.

His three-and-a-half-year-old Siberian-Shepherd-Malamute was left at the Albany mansion on Monday, even after the embattled governor packed up his belongings and headed to his sister’s home.

“I read with disbelief in this morning’s Times Union, that Captain, Governor Cuomo’s dog, had been left at the Executive Mansion after Cuomo’s belongings had been moved out of the Eagle Street building,” said the state’s animal protection federation chief, Libby Post.

Apparently, the dog is known for some biting incidents. She listed several shelters that could assist Captain with those “nipping issues”  so he could secure a new home. 

“Captain deserves better. He will be welcomed with open arms (and paws) into one of our shelters.” Post said. 

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Author: Fredrick Frost

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