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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi walking across a stage

Image Source: Philadelphia Enquirer

I’m all about helping my readers sleep easier at night.


So, if you’ve gotten caught up in the conspiracy theory where Nancy Pelosi becomes President if no clear Election results emerge or voting is suspended or delayed for some reason, I want you to relax.


The good news is – you don’t have to worry.


Because if something like that did happen, Nancy would be out of office, too.


The way things would really play out is really quite interesting.


This is a great read heading into the weekend.


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Other Election 2020 Headlines…

Is Your State Part of the Energy Revolution?

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Believe it or not, we’re about to enter America’s best era ever.
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Instead, it’s due to one tiny pioneering American company.

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Do you know who Alice Johnson is?


She was a woman who was sentenced to life in prison due to a non-violent drug charge.


President Trump’s criminal reforms helped her reclaim her freedom and get a second chance at a brand new life.


And it drives Democrats absolutely NUTS!


You see, their party just talks about bringing equality. Our party actually gets out there and does it.


The next time someone tries to paint Donald Trump as a racist, or someone heartless about “social justice,” send them the link to the video above.


And for more of the story about Alice Johnson’s guest appearance at the upcoming Republican National Convention, check out the story below.


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More Political Consequences…

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