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Morning Bullets - 5 Things You Need to Know

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Well, traders, we’re in for a busy week this week.


Overnight and in the early pre-market hours this morning, stock indexes are showing every signal that they’ll continue their record breaking rise today.


All of the major indexes are up by 0.85-1% this morning.


Apple shares have been going insane since the markets closed on Friday. The stock gained more than 8% last week.


Apple’s 4-for-1 stock split will be distributed to shareholders of record at Monday’s close. But trading on a split-adjusted basis won’t begin until next Monday.


Today is also Day 1 of the virtual Republican National Convention.


What else should be on your trading radar?


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Other Top Financial News


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A Tesla factory showcasing the machines that build the machines

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When the pandemic first set in, it was all about toilet paper, flour and cleaning supplies.


But now, new consumer spending trends are identifying new wants and new worries for a population struggling to find a new equilibrium.


So, what are people buying now – and what does it really mean?


Let’s just say the stuff we’re buying now shows that we’re suffering from a lot more anxiety.


Personal safety devices, “prepper” tech and items as well as RVs are all seeing a big uptick in sales amidst the coronavirus craziness.


“It’s a sense of unease that everybody has,” says Kristin Cook, senior editor at retail deal site Ben’s Bargains, which saw a spike in demand for pepper spray and solar-powered chargers at the start of August. “For a while there it felt like everyone sort of decided we were over [the pandemic], but we’re seeing the anxiety-type purchases ticking up, as people realize this is will be more of a long haul.”


So, what else do you need to know?


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