Why Bezos just sold almost $2 billion of Amazon shares

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Five things to know before the market opens

Image Source: NYSE

Solid earnings and unfettered optimism buoyed stocks on Thursday as investors anticipated the latest weekly jobless claims, which the Labor Department will release this morning. Analysts expect to see 26,000 fewer new filings than in the previous week, for a total of 527,000 claims. Yesterday, ADP released its look at payrolls added in April. That number, while impressive, came in beneath expectations. The government’s April jobs report will be released tomorrow.

Meanwhile, shares of Moderna dropped in the premarket today, despite reporting that its vaccine was 96% effective in preventing the virus for kids between 12 and 17 years of age. The company shared yesterday that its booster shot also appeared to protect recipients against some mutations of the virus.

And White House officials said yesterday that this country would waive patent protections for the vaccines.

But that’s not all that you should have your eye on this morning. What else should you be aware of as you start your day?

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How Rubio is pushing Biden to fight for religious freedom

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President Joe Biden has yet to fill the Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom position, and Senator Marco Rubio is calling on him to amend that. Yesterday, Rubio and several other bipartisan lawmakers wrote a letter to Biden, asking for him to take a stand for religious freedom.

“Religious freedom, one of the most basic human rights for all people, has historically been an area of sincere bipartisan support and agreement in American foreign policy,” that letter reads. “…The current state of international religious freedom is one of deepening crisis with government restrictions on religion rising to a record high.”

What else did this letter say, and what happens now?

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