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Side by side of U.S. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladamir Putin

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This morning was muted for the stock market as investors awaited a wholesale prices report that will help paint a clearer inflation picture. And today marks the start of the much-anticipated Federal Reserve meeting, which spans two days and will indicate whether or not the central bank will shift its easy monetary policies.

The 10-year Treasury yield also fell today, hovering just below 1.50%.

And the EU and US seem to be moving forward in an effort to mitigate a 17-year dispute over Boeing and Airbus.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden will visit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva today. Many are hopeful that today’s talk will allay animosity between the leaders.

And finally, the U.S. has reached a very grim milestone on the pandemic front: a total of 600,000 deaths from the disease, which is more than any other country.

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Joe Biden crouches

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Perhaps none of us should be too surprised that President Joe Biden’s gaffes are not limited to his performance in Washington D.C. His participation in the G7 summit has afforded him the opportunity to embarrass Americans in front of a global audience.

If you were trying to quell your questions about whether the 78-year-old has the cognitive ability to effectively lead, his latest performance might just make that effort feel impossible.

In one video clip, for instance, he looks confused and out of it as he moves about an outdoor seating area. Eventually, his wife helps him leave the area.

There have been many other embarrassing moments for Biden (and, in effect, for Americans) at the G7 summit. He ruined a photo opportunity, gave an inappropriate and awkward gift, and got cranky with reporters. He confused Libya and Syria.

And don’t even get me started on how poorly Vice President Kamala Harris is doing when it comes to representing this country.

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