What are the top highlights in the market this morning?

What are the top highlights in the market this morning?

Investors continued to digest the commentary that Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell offered yesterday after the central bank closed its two-day meeting. Because of that, futures were a mixed bag this morning, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average climbing more than 140 points, while Nasdaq 100 futures dipped slightly, and the S&P 500 remained flat. 

Shares of Facebook and Paypal fell in the premarket because of predictions that growth would stall out over the coming months. On the other hand, Ford’s sunnier forecast meant shares increased in the premarket. 

“The market is understanding we are having a blowout quarter here compared to a year ago,” said one strategist. “What’s much more important this season is the guidance we’re getting on quarters ahead, as the economy settles out into what might be the new normal.”

What did Powell say about the economy in his press conference yesterday, and how is that swaying the market, exactly?

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