A Florida man is in a coma after a brutal beating over music

A Florida man is in a coma after a brutal beating over music

A Florida man’s request that his neighbors turn down their music sent him to the hospital and put him in a medically induced coma, officials say. The 42-year-old sustained fractures to his face, and even got an infection while at the hospital. He’s been there well over a month. 

The incident occurred on June 14. As of Tuesday, healthcare officials were still waiting for Frank Penkava’s condition to improve so that they can perform surgery. They are unsure whether he sustained brain damage in addition to his physical injuries. 

His sister said she was only able to recognize Penkava because of his tattoos. 

“There is no reason for what they did to him,” she said. “I understand that people get into altercations all the time and people’s emotions are high, especially over the last year, but there was nothing to warrant what they did to him.”

This tragic incident reflects growing violence in the U.S. In the first half of the year, murders increased almost 15% when compared with last year. 

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