What are the most important market happenings right now?

What are the most important market happenings right now?

Stock futures tied to the Dow Jones Industrial Average indicated gains this morning, while futures on the Nasdaq fell. 

Yesterday the Dow climbed 1.6%, while the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq logged 1.5% gains. The world’s most popular digital currency also inched back above $30,000 today. 

Meanwhile, shares of Johnson & Johnson and Coca-Cola increased 1% and 2%, respectively, in the premarket after both companies logged better-than-expected corporate earnings. Netflix stock was muted, however, after the company reported weak earnings but strong subscriber growth. United Airlines saw its shares soar approximately 1%.

And the leader of the World Health Organization recently cautioned that the world is on the precipice of another virus wave.

What else should you be aware of this morning? 

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