This father and son are killed in a tragic barn collapse

This father and son are killed in a tragic barn collapse

Less than 24 hours after its installation, a barn collapsed in Iowa, killing 40-year-old Andy Kaufman and his nine-year-old son, Beckett. The structure had been sitting on a trailer before it was moved to a concrete pad, a neighbor said. Kaufman would have taught his five children about responsibility as they cared for the animals that would have been housed there.  

“What everybody needs to know is that Andy was so overly cautious with anything with his kids,” Trey Nuss said. “There’s no way if there was any danger that Andy saw that he would have had his kids anywhere near it.” 

He added: “[Kaufman] liked the hobby farming, if you want to call it that. The biggest reason he was doing all of it was for the kids.” 

After the tragedy last week, the community has come out in droves to support Kaufman’s wife, Brook, and their four other kids.  

A GoFundMe account has also been set up to help the family.

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