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So, without any further ado, let’s dig in…

A photo of the Kenosha shooting with circles drawn for emphasis

Image Source: The Daily Reformer

You guys absolutely called it!


I was trying to be objective and wait for more footage to emerge, and now that it has, I’m 100% with you. This is a clear case of self-defense.


But I’m still not changing my opinion about one thing – our current world isn’t ready for vigilante justice – not matter how much it seems like we need it. 


You see, if this had been a situation where the police were there doing what they should, no one would have been walking alone down the street. There’d have been back up.


Things might not have escalated like they did.


I appreciate anyone’s right to protect their personal property, but even more, I want the police protecting THEM!


Not finding myself living in a world where there are no police…


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More News For Conservatives…

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This super creepy blast from the past comes to you courtesy of Stephen Colbert.


Just watch what Kamala had to say about these riots back in June.


And the spine-chilling smile she wore as she spoke…


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Other Political Headlines…

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