Democrats only “care” if something hurts them in the polls


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So, without any further ado, let’s dig in…

A photo of rioters in masks holding signs as a city burns

Image Source: Rush Limbaugh

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Democrats only “care” about an issue (or a person, or a race or some other demographic divider) when it affects their numbers in the polls.


The rest of the time, they’re happy to just ignore it or exploit it.


But they’re doing it in such an obvious fashion that members of their base are starting to see through the veneer of empathy and compassion they’ve painted on.


And right at the top of them is Joe Biden.


Will Democrat voters ever tire of being pandered to, used and exploited by the Left?


I dare say I’m beginning to see some really positive signs that they aren’t all just crazy, they’ve just been lied to – and they’re finally waking up to the truth!


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Well, there you have it folks.


A fiery night of “mostly peaceful” protests.


As spun by a network that is still only “mostly sane.”


You can’t even make this stuff up.


in the first three seconds of “commentary” you know this guy is full of it!


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