Trump’s Ultimatum

Stocks won't sell off, MAGA censorship and more May 23, 2019 View in Browser Your daily source for trading strategies, tech news, and politically incorrect humor. Fellow eMBers, Good morning! I


Your daily source for trading strategies, tech news, and politically incorrect humor.

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INVESTOR INSIGHTS – Why stocks refuse to sell off?

I see a lot of negative news out there.

Take a look at a few:

   – China Trade War

   – Lowe’s and Nordstrom cut outlook and their stock plummeted 

   – Qualcomm was hit with an anti-trust ruling from FTC

   – Brexit is heating up again

   – Sprint / T-Mobile deal is in jeopardy (DOJ recommends to block it)


Yet, the stock market continues to hold.


And the stocks are not selling off.



Nomura (financial firm) believes leveraged funds increased their short positions. And it has prompted fears of a short squeeze.


A short squeeze means a rally in stocks which forces short sellers (people betting on the stock market to go down) to close their positions. And their buying pushes the stock prices even higher.


Nomura is predicting a short squeeze-driven melt up in stocks…


Do you think they are right?


Yes or No


Twitter’s censorship continues.

They are hitting the MAGA movement HARD.




James Woods has now been suspended for 32 days!


The response?


White House launched a new tool for people to use.


You can now report if you feel you were wrongly censored, banned or suspended on platforms like Twitter.


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The Witch Hunt continues!


I thought things would settle down after the Mueller report.


But I was wrong.


It seems like things are getting worse (every day).


Yesterday, Pelosi said “Trump is engaged in a cover up.”


And Trump wasn’t happy (rightfully so).


And gave Democrats an ultimatum.


No infrastructure deal until the investigations stop.


Watch President Trump’s short speech here


Avenatti’s 15 minutes of fame is over.


And things are going downhill (very quickly).


In the latest stunt, he was charged with defrauding Stormy Daniels.


He denies everything (as always).


But isn’t he worth millions?


Funny you ask. IRS had the same question.


The answer?


Avenatti hasn’t filed his personal tax income tax returns since 2010!


And now he’s “unable to employ counsel” and will be represented by Federal Defenders.


Ironically, he might just be better represented than his clients….


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ALFA-X… Japan’s next generation bullet train.


It can hit speeds up to 224 mph.


But does it look weird?


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Author: Fredrick Frost

Fedrick Frost is the Editor-in-Chief of Morning Bullets. He mainly writes about Politics, The Economy and breaking news. With over 35 years in jounralism he has been influential in helping the morning bullets newsletter readers be informed every morning.