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The Dow Jones Industrial Average was on track for over 100 points in gains this morning as investors awaited the November employment report the government will release today. The data is expected to reflect about 440,000 new jobs added last month as well as an unemployment rate of 6.7% (more on that, below).

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are resuming discussions about a stimulus relief package, and McConnell is hopeful a compromise can be reached before year’s end.

There was a snag on the vaccine front after supply issues forced Pfizer to re-evaluate how many vaccine doses it can actually distribute this year. That number is down to 50 million, versus the initial 100 million, they anticipated delivering.

And as the virus cases continue to skyrocket, with over 200,000 new cases yesterday alone, California has announced stay-at-home rules for certain regions.

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This is why the pace of jobs slowed way down

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The government’s look at November employment was due out today at 8:30 a.m., and analysts anticipated slower growth in jobs and a decreased unemployment rate when compared to October.

Unemployment would fall to 6.7% from its October rate of 6.9%, and the jobs added would tally only 440,000, after October’s 638,000.

However, today’s report could be the last bit of good news on the job front for a while. The December report will likely reflect less hiring for the holidays than usual.

“Our growth forecast for the first quarter is zero,” said Bank of America economist Michael Gapen. “There’s short term pain in front of us. We don’t think it will extend much past the first quarter if all the news on the timelines for the vaccine are correct. By the end of the first quarter, things will be looking much better.”

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