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The Dow Jones Industrial Average was marked for a higher open this morning as investors bet on good news about the stimulus package and positivity on the vaccine front.

Also today, DoorDash is making its New York Stock Exchange debut, going for $102 a share.

Meanwhile, in Washington, President Donald Trump’s administration made a stimulus package offer, worth about $916 billion. The bill includes provisions for payments to Americans.

And as the U.K. rolls out its Pfizer vaccine, drug regulators there said that people who are prone to allergic reactions should wait on an inoculation.

And finally, the Supreme Court said no to a reversing Joe Biden’s Pennsylvania win.

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How to protect yourself from fraud this season

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As the virus pandemic worsens, with new cases averaging about 200,000 a day, online shopping is more important than ever, especially as you wrap up your Christmas list for loved ones.

However, though shopping digitally will protect you from potentially coming into contact with the virus at the store, it could leave you susceptible to fraud. You will want to be on the lookout for transactions that you didn’t make, and be especially careful when you’re opening your emails.

There are 14 key tips to keep in mind this holiday season, that could make all the difference when it comes to protecting your credit card information.

So, what are they? Are you already doing some of them?

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