These are the top things going on in the market right now

These are the top things going on in the market right now

Futures contracts tied to the S&P 500 were muted early this morning, even as investors digested better-than-anticipated second-quarter earnings from big banks.

JPMorgan Chase shares fell 0.5% during the premarket, despite posting higher earnings than expected. Goldman Sachs, meanwhile, saw its shares inch slightly higher after the company shared fiscal results that topped expectations. 

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell approximately 21 points in the premarket while futures tied to the Nasdaq 100 ticked slightly higher. 

“High expectations for earnings and each companies’ forward guidance will push markets higher or disappointment may create a small pullback in equity markets,” said one expert. “Eyes will be on the major banks to set the tone for the next few weeks of earnings.”

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