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The top 5 things you need to know before the market opens

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Stock futures pointed to gains this morning as investors readied themselves for a flurry of corporate earnings reports this week.

Already today, Johnson & Johnson and General Electric shared their latest financial data, and both companies saw shares of their stocks increase in response. Tomorrow, the big names to release reports are Apple, Facebook, and Tesla.

Today marks the first official day with Janet Yellen as Treasury secretary, following her official confirmation yesterday. Her department will be responsible for pushing through President Joe Biden’s $1.9 trillion relief package, though it’s already been met with quite a bit of resistance.

And Biden has said that he wants to vaccinate 1.5 million Americans per day, increasing his last goal by half a million daily inoculations. It remains unclear how, exactly, he plans to do this. The news comes as the strain of the virus that was discovered in Brazil has now been found in the U.S.

And Senators today are going to be sworn in as jurors for the upcoming impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump. The House charged him with inciting an insurrection on Jan. 6. What happens next on this front and what else should you know before you start your day?

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Wall Street wizards are making their confessions. Are you listening?

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Wall Street Confessions from an Ex-Floor Trader Turned Multimillionaire

Even as 22 million Americans lost their jobs… 97,000 small businesses closed for good… and riots spread through every major American city…Wall Street continued to rake in money:

Goldman Sachs brought in $10.748 billion so far.

JPMorgan brought in $29.94 billion.

Morgan Stanley brought in $11.7 billion.

Now, how have these firms done so well when the entire world is paralyzed by a pandemic?
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NOT by playing fair, I’ll tell you that much.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t level the playing field…

And use Wall Street for your own financial gain.
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You see, one former floor trader made himself a millionaire by beating Wall Street at its own game.

He discovered an obscure 18-digit “code” that let him see when the hedge funds and investment banks were making incredibly lucrative trades. The kinds of trades that almost certainly had the benefit of inside information.
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What you need to know about the first woman to lead the Treasury Department

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Yesterday Janet Yellen was officially confirmed to be the first woman to lead the Treasury Department. Already she has broken that barrier when she served at the helm of the Federal Reserve. In total, Yellen has now cleared five confirmations for government leadership positions.

Her confirmation on Monday resulted after an 84-15 vote. She follows Steven Mnuchin, who served as Treasury secretary during all four years of the Trump administration.

“Tonight the Senate can deliver an especially important economic judgment: Confirm Janet Yellen a fifth time and know that she will work with every single one of us to get our workers, our small businesses and all Americans from sea to shining sea back on solid economic footing,” said Senator Ron Wyden.

So what happens next for Yellen, and what are some of her top priorities?

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