Jason Whitlock: This country is creating laws ‘based on feelings’ right now

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On this day in 1986, Microsoft Corp officially went public. Can you guess what the company’s initial offering price was?

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If you’re feeling a bit anxious about when you’ll receive your latest $1,400 stimulus check, you will soon be able to use a tool that will help you track its status. The resource, titled “Get My Payment” is available on the Internal Revenue Service’s website, though it hasn’t yet been updated with latest stimulus information, because the law is still under IRS review.

Those who have direct deposit set up through the IRS will be first in line to get their checks, and those could be in your account as soon as this weekend. After those initial payments, the IRS will send out paper checks as well as debit cards. If you’re unsure of what kind of payment you might receive, the “Get My Payment” resource should help you figure that out, as well.

But this tool can be finicky. What else should you know about it, as well as tracking your payments?

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Currency in America is undergoing a massive revolution.

The idea of having one centralized, government regulated form of money is dying fast.

And anyone with their savings in cash could lose a potential fortune.

So I’ve just teamed up with the most influential figure in Cryptocurrency, Charlie Shrem.

To launch a brand-new private network that offers a newer type of asset…

Right now is the perfect time to be in what is known as altcoins.

If you’ve been following my work over the past year, you know I’m extremely bullish on this.

Just look at the incredible historical gains altcoins could’ve handed you…

Over 25,000% from Luna…

132,712% from Reddcoin…

An incredible 1,581,492% from Verge…

And this is just the beginning.


The U.S. has administered 100 million vaccine doses in this huge pandemic milestone

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The U.S. has officially administered more than 100 million doses of the vaccine to fight against the pandemic, officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. The milestone was announced yesterday, as 13.5% of the country’s adults have been fully inoculated. That equates to about 35 million Americans. Many more (more than 65.9 million) have had at least one dose of the two-shot regimen, data shows.

Another significant statistic is that 32% of older adults (65 and up) are considered fully vaccinated. That cohort has been considered most at risk during the pandemic so far.

It is important to note (and Biden’s White House isn’t talking about this) that we are here because of the efforts of former President Donald Trump. He orchestrated the administration of 16.5 million vaccines, which is included in the milestone announced yesterday.

Jeff Zients, who is the current White House virus response lead said that there “is more than enough vaccine supply to vaccinate all adult Americans by the end of May. Now we need to ramp up the number of vaccinators, as we’ve been talking about, and the number of places where Americans can get vaccinated.”

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