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It’s bound to be another exciting day on Wall Street – after all, it always is!


So far this morning, futures are down across the board, despite a great trading day yesterday.


But they’re only down a wee bit – nothing major. And a little good news could send the tide in the other direction…


Right now, the best news would be an announcement that Congress has finally reached a deal on the next wave of stimulus.


But it still looks like we’re a ways off on that.


What else do you need to know today?


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Other Top Financial News


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Image Source: CPI Inflation Calculator

Right now, investors are dismissing the risk of an inflation spike.


But the folks at Morgan Stanley are warning that this could be a big mistake.


Central bankers have managed to keep interest rates low since 2008 in an attempt to create price inflation.


But, even when they were trying (and trying hard) they couldn’t push consumer prices to where they wanted.

Because of this, many market players believe this even the coronavirus and all of the stimulus won’t change that. They even dare to call inflation the dog that doesn’t bark.

However, Morgan Stanley believes the vast sums of money put into keeping people in work and supporting those that have been made unemployed could make a difference in driving up inflation.


If they’re right, here’s what you need to do…


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