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Image Source: Coronavirus Today

When it comes to financial and economic news, there’s a lot of “noise” out there.


Since I don’t want you guys getting distracted, I feel it’s my duty to help you find a daily oversight to guide you through the trading day.


Fortunately, the folks over at CNBC do a great job drilling down to the most important pieces of information you can glean to make smart moves in the ever-changing market.


The biggest thing you need to know is that, this morning, stock futures are trending higher.


Investors have their eyes on two big things in this arena: coronavirus stimulus and coronavirus vaccines. We can expect headlines to update us about both, throughout the day.


So, be sure to check out my News Board in between editions so you don’t miss a thing.


What are the other four things that should be on your trading radar today?


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Other Top Financial News


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Image Source: Star Tribune

So, as you know, Congress headed into the weekend without a stimulus deal.


And it looks like they’re heading out of the weekend without one, either.


While the grueling negotiations will resume today, no one expecting a whole lot of progress.


That’s because there are deal breakers on both sides of the aisle.


And neither side wants to budge.


Negotiations have at least several more days, if not longer.


So what are the sticking points that are holding the stimulus up?


And is our broken system willing to set aside partisan differences to make something happen for the American people?


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Market Movers & Predictions

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