How the rich and powerful elite actually thrived during lockdowns

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Yesterday’s rally punctuated this week’s losses on Wall Street, and stock futures pointed to further gains on Friday morning.

The world’s largest digital currency also seemed to stabilize today after a rollercoaster of volatility saw the coin dip to around $30,000 at one point. This morning, however, it climbed to more than $40,000.

And the president’s administration is in favor of imposing a worldwide corporate tax rate of at least 15%, to stop what the Treasury secretary is describing as a “race to the bottom.”

Meanwhile, the CEO of Apple is set to defend his company in an antitrust case filed by Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite.

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Nancy Pelosi sits without a mask

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi clearly believes she is above her own rules. As I reported earlier this week, she slapped $500 fines on Republican lawmakers for adhering to the latest guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Those updated rules state that fully vaccinated Americans are allowed to ditch their masks in most settings and that they are permitted to pierce the six-foot-bubble of social distance we’d all been living in.

But Pelosi wanted representatives to wear masks regardless, and she stamped anyone who dared to disobey her with the hefty penalty.

She broke her own rules yesterday when she attended a busy White House event.

In a video of the ceremony, Pelosi is clearly visible shaking hands and mingling without her mask. Who is responsible for fining Pelosi?

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