Here are the top market happenings to know this morning

Here are the top market happenings to know this morning

Today marks the first trading day of August, and futures indicate that investors will see a positive start to the month. Markets this week likely be impacted by a suite of jobs reports, which will be released beginning Wednesday. 

To start, ADP will share its look at private-sector jobs created in July. On Thursday, the government will report its latest look at unemployment claims, and on Friday it will release its jobs report for the previous month. 

Additionally, a slew of S&P 500 companies are set to report their quarterly earnings this week, and investors will be monitoring those reports for signs of wage inflations. 

Meanwhile, in Washington, senators met this weekend to finish writing their $550 billion infrastructure bill, which will soon be introduced in the chamber. 

And Jack Dorsey’s company, Square, is set to buy Afterpay, after announcing a $29 billion deal yesterday evening. 

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