Five people are hurt after a gunfight on Bourbon Street this weekend

Five people are hurt after a gunfight on Bourbon Street this weekend

New Orleans is seeing a spike in fatal shootings, data shows. Over the weekend, a gunfight on Bourbon Street injured five people as a party atmosphere shifted into one of panic. People on the street can be seen running for cover around 3 a.m., when the violence began, footage shows. 

Authorities say that one person is in custody right now, though the suspect’s name and possible charges remain unclear. Police say they are still investigating the incident, and have not released the condition of those who sustained gunshot wounds. 

This latest instance of violence contributes to a skyrocketing rate of non-fatal shootings in the city. Deadly shootings, too, are also on the rise. In just over a year, the Louisiana city has recorded 194 fatal attacks, which signifies a 66% increase.

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