Faux president Biden and team are AWOL after epic failure in Afghanistan

Biden’s withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan sets a new precedent for what a failure he can be. After the Taliban took over Kabul, including the presidential palace, Biden decided to send 1,000 American troops into the country, meaning there is now a presence of 6,000.

Yesterday, Americans in Afghanistan’s capital were instructed to fill out paperwork and hide in place. The U.S. Embassy flag was lowered, despite the fact that, as of Thursday, a spokesman for the State Department maintained that an evacuation was not planned. 

“This is not abandonment,” Ned Price had said. “This is not an evacuation. This is not the wholesale withdrawal. That this is a reduction in the size of our civilian footprint. The embassy remains open and we plan to continue our diplomatic work in Afghanistan.” 

Earlier this morning, Fox News reported that the Kabul International Airport had to suspend flights because hundreds of people were crowding the runways, in an effort to escape the crisis. Other news reports shared that people were actually falling from U.S. Military cargo planes that had already departed. 

As all of this chaos plays out, Biden cannot even be bothered to show up for work. Neither can White House press secretary Jen Psaki. 

No wonder Trump is calling for his resignation right now.

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The laundry list of President Joe Biden’s failures is growing by the day.

For one thing, as Fox just reported, insurgents are overtaking several capitals in Afghanistan, just before the last American troops are slated to withdraw. 

The southern border is anything but, with over 212,000 illegal immigrants entering this country in July alone. According to a reporter, that’s a 13% increase over a 20-year-record, set in June. 

Crime is soaring in areas where Democrats have loudly called for a defunding of the police force. 

Inflation is skyrocketing, with last month’s PPI report reflecting a 7.8% increase year-over-year. 

Former President Donald Trump released a statement today that asked the question he simply doesn’t have to: “Do you miss me yet?”

Does his question make you wonder whether he’s already setting the stage for his comeback in 2024?

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Why Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul will likely reveal the hidden nursing home data

After the embattled New York governor announced his resignation earlier this week, his successor hinted that she would release more nursing home data that had been hidden under Andrew Cuomo’s reign. 

As you remember, Cuomo had ordered more than 9,000 coronavirus patients to stay in nursing homes across the state, and then he lied about the deaths resulting from his poor judgment. He reported a whopping 8,500 deaths, but that number was actually closer to 15,000. 

“Will you release the nursing home data? The nursing home data, in the alleged coverup – will you release it?” a reporter asked Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul during her press conference.

How did she respond?

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And now Senator Rand Paul was just suspended from YouTube

YouTube booted Senator Rand Paul from its platform for a week after he posted a video about mask inefficiency on his channel. The ban comes on the heels of Representative Majorie Taylor Greene’s Twitter suspension, which I reported on in the morning edition of Morning Bullets

“They are now banning all my speech, including speech that is given on the Senate floor, which is protected [by the constitution],” he said. “YouTube now thanks they are smart enough and godly enough that they can oversee speech, even constitutionally protected speech.” 

A YouTube spokesperson defended the move, claiming that they have somehow been consistent in their hand-slapping. 

But they aren’t fooling anyone, especially not Paul. He took his frustration to Twitter, explaining where his followers could find the deleted video, elsewhere, for themselves.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has resigned amid his sex scandal

It has been a week since New York Attorney General Letitia James issued her 165-page report concluding that the state’s governor had sexually harassed 11 women. Yesterday, Andrew Cuomo finally agreed to step down, after months of refusing to do so. The allegations about his behavior first surfaced five months ago.

Just moments before his official announcement, his lawyer issued a statement, maintaining his innocence. 

“In my mind, I have never crossed the line with anyone,” he’d said. “But I didn’t realize the extent to which the line has been redrawn.”

The move means that the Empire State gets its first woman governor. 

Next in line is Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, who said: “I agree with Governor Cuomo’s decision to step down. It is the right thing to do and in the best interest of New Yorkers.” 

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Why did Twitter just suspend Marjorie Taylor Greene’s account… again?

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has been suspended from her Twitter account yet again, officials say. This time, the site is saying that she is spreading misleading information about the vaccine, claiming that the shots don’t work in curbing the virus. 

Her account is still active, but she won’t be able to do anything other than read other users’ tweets for the time being. 

“If it seems like an otherwise healthy account is in the middle of an abusive episode, we might temporarily make their account read-only, limiting their ability to Tweet, Retweet, or Like content until calmer heads prevail. The person can read their timelines and will only be able to send Direct Messages to their followers,” Twitter officials say.

How long will Greene be stuck in this latest time out? And what do you think of this Twitter policy? 

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Trump couture gets a boost with this new MAGA Hat design

Trump couture just got an upgrade.

The former president unveiled a new iteration of his “Make America Great Again” hat for fans in an email to potential Save America donors.

“I just designed our BRAND NEW MAGA Hat and I want YOU to have it,” he wrote in that message. “You’ve always been one of my most LOYAL supporters, so I don’t want you to have just ANY hat… I want YOU to have the MAGA Hat that I personally HAND-SIGNED for YOU.”

Some pieces even include Donald Trump’s signature.

Just what does the new item look like, and how much does it cost?

Will Trump break out his latest design for his upcoming rally in just a couple weeks?

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How does Donald Trump praise his Operation Warp Speed?

Over the weekend, former President Donald Trump gave a Fox News interview where he said that his administration’s Operation Warp Speed saved millions of American lives.

“I think if we didn’t come up during the Trump administration with the vaccine, you could have 100 million people dead, just like you had in 1917,” he said. “You take the Spanish Flu, 100 million people, up to 100 million people, died. I think we’d be in that territory.”

While he was president, this country ordered 200 million vials of the Pfizer vaccine and 200 million doses of the Moderna solution. 

“The vaccines turn out to be a tremendous thing,” he said. “It’s something I’m very proud of.”

But he stopped short of saying that Americans should be forced to get the jab. 

“I really believe in somebody’s choice, somebody’s freedom,” he said.

What else did he get into during the interview?

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What did he say this time? The president gaffes again…

During a speech he delivered yesterday morning, President Joe Biden managed to sneak in one of his signature gaffes. 

Biden was talking about the latest jobs report, touting the increase of 943,000 payrolls in July, when he decided he deserved an extra pat on the back. He wanted to brag about the number of Americans who have been vaccinated so far. 

But, as it turns out, the joke is on him, because he got the number very wrong. 

“We have roughly 350 million people vaccinated in the United States and billions around the world,” he said. “We have to get more vaccinated. I said, well over, what’s the number —  350 million Americans have already been vaccinated.”

This would be a pretty big deal if there was any truth to it.

The biggest issue with that statement? There aren’t even 350 billion people living in this country right now. Cue the eye roll. 

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Donald Trump has some strong words for the embattled governor of New York

Last night, the former president slammed scandal-magnet Governor Andrew Cuomo during a fundraiser for the Republican Party in New York. 

“Cuomo’s got real problems,” Donald Trump said to a crowd of about 500 people. “It’s going to be a hot couple of weeks in Albany. [Senate Republican Minority Leader Robert] Ortt is going to have a great time. Cuomo has found himself in an interesting situation.”

Trump’s commentary comes after state Attorney General Letitia James found (in a 165-page report) that Cuomo had sexually harassed a slew of women and created a toxic work environment. The revelation prompted even Cuomo’s longtime friend, President Joe Biden, to call for his resignation. 

“We’re going to have a Republican governor,” Trump said at the event, which garnered $1 million. 

What else did he say at the event?

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