As Biden’s failures snowball, Trump asks: “Do you miss me yet?”

As Biden's failures snowball, Trump asks:

The laundry list of President Joe Biden’s failures is growing by the day.

For one thing, as Fox just reported, insurgents are overtaking several capitals in Afghanistan, just before the last American troops are slated to withdraw. 

The southern border is anything but, with over 212,000 illegal immigrants entering this country in July alone. According to a reporter, that’s a 13% increase over a 20-year-record, set in June. 

Crime is soaring in areas where Democrats have loudly called for a defunding of the police force. 

Inflation is skyrocketing, with last month’s PPI report reflecting a 7.8% increase year-over-year. 

Former President Donald Trump released a statement today that asked the question he simply doesn’t have to: “Do you miss me yet?”

Does his question make you wonder whether he’s already setting the stage for his comeback in 2024?

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