Why the liberal news media is ignoring the Barbara Boxer assault right now

Why the liberal news media is ignoring the Barbara Boxer assault right now

It’s been days since we first heard that Barbara Boxer, a former Democratic senator in California, was assaulted and robbed. And yet, the big names in liberal media are largely ignoring the incident, even though Boxer was a regular on the likes of MSNBC. 

For example, Boxer was interviewed on the network just this past Saturday to discuss the Jan. 6 committee. But, if you wanted to learn more about Boxer’s attack, which involved two thieves and a stolen cell phone, you wouldn’t find any information whatsoever on that station. 

ABC, NBC, and even CBS also avoided the story as much as possible, while CNN gave it minimal airtime. 

There has to be a reason for skipping a story that was so clearly relevant and timely, right?

If you’re like me, you might suspect it has something to do with liberals ignoring and even suppressing the reality that violent crime is only growing in this country right now. 

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Author: Fredrick Frost

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