What will Biden say when he breaks his silence on the Afghanistan evacuation?

What will Biden say when he breaks his silence on the Afghanistan evacuation?

In about an hour, Biden is finally going to break his silence on the evacuation efforts currently underway in Afghanistan. 

So far, the so-called leader of our country has remained relatively quiet regarding the Taliban’s swift return to power in Afghanistan. He hasn’t said much about how, exactly, the US will evacuate the thousands of Americans who are now trapped in the country. Biden spoke to the matter very briefly on Monday, and he did take questions from ABC News in an interview later in the week, but the details have been sparse. 

So, if he isn’t addressing the current crisis, what has he been doing? It appears he’s been in vacation mode, prioritizing his time in Wilmington and Camp David, instead of leading the country he is being paid to protect. 

In total, Biden will have spent less than 72 hours in the White House this week, as the situation in Afghanistan worsens. 

After his scheduled remarks, he’ll return home to Delaware. 

Is he even going to take questions, today? What should you expect?

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