What happened after this elderly woman was beat up at Walmart?

What happened after this elderly woman was beat up at Walmart?

A 70-year-old Walmart patron was apparently assaulted by a 17-year-old store employee while other customers did nothing, reporters say. 

According to the victim, P.K. Shader, the trouble began when she asked Jazareia Velasquez if there was any way to quicken the checkout process. 

“The young woman I dealt with started yelling at me, asking if I wanted to work there, if I needed a job there,” Shader said. 

She apparently then attempted to take a photo of the teen’s ID and planned to report her to a manager. 

“She went crazy. She flew, and she punched me, fist right here [in the face] over and over again,” Shader said. 

Walmart has since issued a statement, but the victim doesn’t feel the company is going far enough to prevent such behavior in the future. 

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