What are the top market headlines to know this morning?

What are the top market headlines to know this morning?

Investors held their collective breath ahead of this morning’s government inflation report and Federal Chairman Jerome Powell’s afternoon testimony before the House Financial Services Committee.

Stock futures held steady a day after the three major benchmarks snapped their two-day winning streaks. Shares of Bank of America and BlackRock fell in the premarket, 2% and 1.4% respectively, after the two companies shared their second-quarter earnings. Bank of America reported numbers beneath analyst expectations while the world’s largest asset manager reported better-than-anticipated data. 

That said, second-quarter revenue reports suggest that airlines are finally recovering from the worst of the pandemic. Delta Air Lines posted massive profits and saw its shares increase almost 2%. American Airlines saw its shares increase over 3% during premarket trading. 

What other headlines should be on your radar this morning?

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