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An empty parking lot with a sign that reads about the virus killing businesses too.

Image Source: Salt Lake Tribune

The U.S. economy is facing one of its most uncertain moments it has ever seen as the virus still rages across the nation.


According to Pew Research, people are growing more pessimistic than ever about how America’s leaders have handled the virus and the nation’s ability to contain it.


Because it seems that every effort to contain it only digs a deeper hole for the economy.


And, as soon as the virus flares in a part of the country, cellphone data shows that people immediately stay home instead of instead of venturing out to restaurants, stores and entertainment.


Will this be the US economy’s lost year?


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A picture of a man standing on the seashore blowing a massive bubble

Image Source: MarketWatch

How much higher can the markets go?


That’s the question on every investor’s mind.


And the truth is – even though we’re currently “in a bubble” not too many folks are worried about it popping just yet.


In fact, most think that the bubble will just keep on getting bigger.


But exactly how big can it get, and who will hurt worst once it bursts?


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