This woman is arrested for stealing over $800 of fajita and steak

This woman is arrested for stealing over 0 of fajita and steak

Two women with a craving for fajitas stole more than $800 worth of ingredients from a grocery store recently. On Monday, one of the suspects, 33-year-old Brenda Johana Ruiz, was arrested. A warrant is out for 24-year-old Erika Rene Lopez. 

H-E-B security camera footage showed the duo entering the grocer and hiding several meat packages in their purse. They then returned for 25 steaks and more fajita packages. 

All in all, their bill, had they paid, would have been a hefty $833.30.

I can’t help but wonder why they wanted so many steaks. What are your thoughts?

And what are the consequences of a steak-stealing-spree, anyhow?

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