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5 things you need to know before the market opens today

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Stock futures were mixed this morning as investors waited for word on who will take Georgia’s remaining Senate seat, which will ultimately determine which party controls that chamber. The Democratic challenger, Raphael Warnock, was projected to win the runoff election against Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler.

As of now, the race between Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff and Republican Senator David Perdue, is still too close to call, though Ossoff did appear to be leading.

Also today, in a joint session of Congress, lawmakers will begin the process of certifying the Electoral College results, though that process could be delayed as dozens of Republicans in both chambers will object.

Investors will also be poring over the latest report on job trends that was released this morning and keeping an eye on the variation of the virus that is now in South Africa.

What else do you need to know as you get your morning started today?

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The Big Switch is almost here – are you ready for it?


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“Big financial ‘Switch’ Coming”

Three times before in history…

In 1913, 1933, and 1971…

Major changes were made to the U.S. dollar.

Now, it appears a 4th major “switch” is set to take place…

Already, popular businesses like McDonalds, Starbucks, and Whole Foods have taken steps to prepare… 

And savvy insiders gearing up for “the switch” have benefitted from $57 billion in newly created wealth…

Now, it appears the full switch is set to occur very soon.

And what’s coming next will catch everyone by surprise.

While many will suffer great losses…

A handful of smart investors stand to reap an absolute fortune.


This is when CVS will finish its first round of vaccines

Image Source: Reuters

Though the vaccine rollout has moved slower than initially anticipated, CVS Health officials say the company will meet its goal to vaccinate nursing home residents around the country by January 25.

“We’re dealing with a vulnerable population that requires onsite and, in some cases, in-room visits at facilities with fewer than 100 residents on average,” said a CVS Health executive. “Despite these challenges, we remain on schedule, and the number of vaccines we administer will continue to rise as more facilities are activated by the states.”

What else should you know about CVS Health’s partnership with these facilities and what does that mean for the next phase of the rollout?

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