This is why Musk is the Zoella of public markets

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This is how the GameStop trade unravels

Image Source: AP Images

The David and Goliath narrative playing out right now between retail investors and hedge funds as they fight over GameStop stock can only end one way, experts say.

Shares eventually stop increasing. Either the shorts lose steam and give up, or the big regulators and brokers get involved.

In less than a month, GameStop’s shares have seen increases of over 900%, going from $19 a pop to almost $500 a piece at one point.

And even as hedge funds are shoring up billions, it is still considered a heavily-shorted stock, with borrowed shares accounting for over 120% of the total available.

“Is this a new platform for investors to make decisions, does it even the playing field?” asked a lecturer at Boston University. “You could argue that what happened with Reddit is them putting the shorts on check, and that’s a positive.”

What else should you be prepared for when it comes to the GameStop outcome?

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Even as 22 million Americans lost their jobs… 97,000 small businesses closed for good… and riots spread through every major American city…

Wall Street continued to rake in money:

Goldman Sachs brought in $10.748 billion so far.

JPMorgan brought in $29.94 billion.

Morgan Stanley brought in $11.7 billion.

Now, how have these firms done so well when the entire world is paralyzed by a pandemic?
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NOT by playing fair, I’ll tell you that much. 

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You see, one former floor trader made himself a millionaire by beating Wall Street at its own game.

He discovered an obscure 18-digit “code” that let him see when the hedge funds and investment banks were making incredibly lucrative trades. The kinds of trades that almost certainly had the benefit of inside information.
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This is why Musk is the Zoella of public markets

Image Source: Reuters

Imagine if your Twitter handle had the power to shift the stock market. Elon Musk, the CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX and the second wealthiest person in the world, has exactly that kind of power.

In this past week alone, his words have had a massive impact on stocks. His Twitter bio now says “#bitcoin,” and on Friday the digital currency’s value skyrocketed to $38,566.

“Gamestonk!!” he tweeted on Tuesday, accompanied by a link to the reddit thread that is fueling the GameStop uprising. That stock’s valuation eventually surpassed $10 billion.

“I kinda love Etsy,” he wrote later that same day, triggering a 9% increase in shares.

One tech investor compared Musk to Zoella, saying “the public markets now have influencers like fitness and beauty do.” 

“Regulators don’t just need to catch up, they need to proactively enforce rules and clarify what is acceptable,” Dan Lane, of Freetrade, said. “…The reality is that the new brand of charismatic leader has a public platform now and isn’t confined to the boardroom. It’s up to regulators how they deal with that but, eventually, the onus will be on them to update the rule book.”

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