This is why Donald Trump is “obviously” running for president

This is why Donald Trump is

Many of us have been holding our breaths and crossing our fingers as we await more news on whether or not former President Donald Trump will make another bid to be this country’s commander in chief. As I’ve previously reported, Trump has teased another campaign many times, though he’s stopped short of giving a definitive answer. 

That said, another run for president has never seemed so imminent. Michael Wolff, who has already penned three books on the leader, suggested in a new essay that this move is “obvious.” 

“It is an existential predicament,” Wolff writes. “He can’t be Donald Trump without a claim on the presidency. He can’t hold the attention and devotion of the Republican Party if he is not both once and future king — and why would he ever give that up?”

He continued: “But perhaps most important, there is his classic hucksterism, and his synoptic U.S.P. — unique selling proposition. In 2016 it was ‘the wall.’ For 2022 and 2024 he will have another proposition available: ‘the steal,’ a rally cry of rage and simplicity.” 

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