This is when you’ll see the vaccine shot at the local drugstore

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average was set for 200 points in gains this morning as investors continue to weigh vaccine hopes against the threat of more lockdowns soon and the delayed fiscal stimulus.

Lawmakers are discussing a newer version of their bill, split into two separate proposals, to increase the likelihood of getting something done before the holidays.

And on the vaccine front, Pfizer is shipping doses to 400 extra hospitals, and this week the FDA will discuss whether to authorize Moderna’s solution for emergency use in the U.S. This news comes as the U.K. grapples with another “variant” of the virus, and the number of cases in this country surpasses 16.5 million.

What else should you know about the markets this morning?

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This is when you'll see the vaccine shot at the local drugstore

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How long until you see the virus vaccine at your local drugstore? Although the initial inoculations were administered in the U.S. yesterday, experts say that most Americans should expect to receive their first doses by the spring. Employees in the health-care industry will get the shot first.

“Over the next couple of months we anticipate that we’ll be able to have [it in] our stores similar to the flu season,” one Walgreens executive said. “As more and more vaccine becomes available, access to that vaccine will continue to grow.”

And a CVS executive had this to say: “When someone makes their appointment, we’re going to educate them right then and there that this a two-shot vaccine and we’re going to have them schedule it just like a round-trip plane ticket, where they’re going to schedule both of their doses at the same time.”

So, what exactly does all of this mean for your own path to vaccination?

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