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Though virus infections are higher than they ever have been, totaling 196,004 new cases on Friday alone, investors are continuing to keep their focus on the positive news around the vaccine, instead.

This morning AstraZeneca released data about its vaccine trial, saying that its solution was up to 90% effective, while the Regeneron antibody cocktail that President Donald Trump received was given the FDA’s emergency use authorization.

The news bolstered stock futures this morning, after the Dow Jones Industrial Average last week was down for the first time in almost a month.

What are the other top headlines you should be aware of this morning?

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How weird will Black Friday be this year?

Image Source: Reuters

If you’re used to long lines and bustling crowds as you attempt to snag steals at your favorite stores on Black Friday, this year will likely feel…well, weird.

With the number of infections increasing, the very thought of entering a mall is enough to induce anxiety in some. And that fear means that more people are planning to shop virtually, instead of in person.

About 61% of shoppers plan to make their purchases online this year, compared to 54% who plan to brave the stores, according to a Deloitte survey. This year marks the first time in the survey’s history that the majority of respondents plan to experience Black Friday at home.

How else will this year’s most famous week for shopping and sales look different?

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