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The stock market was on track for gains this morning, with Dow futures indicating more than 150 points in increases.

This morning Boeing shares rose 5% in premarket trading after the FAA approved the use of its 737 Max fleet. Target also enjoyed a jump in shares (over 2%) this morning, after announcing earnings that far surpassed expectations. Lowe’s, which also released its earnings today, saw its shares drop 7%.

And Pfizer plans to file for emergency use authorization of its vaccine “within days.” This news comes as the company announced today that their final analysis shows the vaccine to be 95% effective in preventing the virus. Pfizer and BioNTech also saw increases in premarket trading.

And the FDA also just approved the first at-home virus test, as cases continue to increase.

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This may be the most unusual stock we’ve ever seen!

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This is just bizarre…

We have just uncovered perhaps the most unusual stock we’ve ever seen.

It’s expected to see massive revenue in 2020 – $100 billion.

The company holds over 29,000 patents in the U.S.

It pays an enormous dividend.

And yet…

It’s ultra-cheap – less than $3.


These scents make sense this yearImage Source: Guilaume Blondiau

When the pandemic began, fragrance was hit hard, harder than any other department of the beauty industry. Perfume is not something you would necessarily buy online without testing, and the virus has even stripped some of their ability to smell –a symptom known as anosmia– or it has created a sensation where nothing smells good –called parosmia.

It is no wonder sales sunk so low.

For some though, fragrance has become a way to remember happy moments, or experience different places, when they are stuck at home.

“Now that our world looks and feels very different, we are questioning what’s truly important to us and what makes us happy,” said Christopher Yu of perfume house Ostens. “It means we want to surround ourselves with products that make us feel secure.”

What perfumes and candles are used to create that sense of security?

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